Fox News Gives GOP Free Advertising

It is a known fact that money taints every aspect of American politics, and most prominently, electionsThe Raw Story reports that sometimes you actually don't have to pay to play, or at least that if you pay enough, sometimes the favor is returned.

David Edwards reports that in the run-up to the 2008 presidential elections Fox News gave some $55 million in free campaign advertising to GOP candidates.

Edwards writes,

Being on the Fox News payroll has its advantages. Not only did five potential Republican candidates get regular paychecks from the network last year, but they also got something even more valuable: airtime. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee appeared for almost 48 hours. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin had nearly 14 hours of appearances. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich was given close to 12 hours. Former senator from Pennsylvania Rick Santorum and former UN Ambassador under George W. Bush John Bolton both received about six hours.


yes, Fox is a right wing propogandist. yes, much of the rest of the LSM are more interested in fueling a right/left food fight than informing the public. it's easier to make money by staging controversy and lighting that stage than it is to divine truth. the purpose, and particularly here at CMD, et. al., should be to leapfrog the pedantic right/left diversion and start dealing directly with the treason of Plutocracy as it exists today. this is about more than 5% of americans confiscating 95% of america's annual treasure every year, this is about a new world order of the money, by the money and for the money and the stakes are global. google "wealth". cross-check as many links as you need in order to satisfy yourself that, to paraphrase a former president, "It's the Plutocracy, stupid." if i am wrong that controling interests are concentrated in an alarmingly few hands nationally and globally, please cite your source(s). if, however, you agree, then it is time to speak out above the din, that is, above the considerable din of the right/left diversion. money doesn't care who's in congress. or parliment. or the palace. money cares about acquiring more money and nothing else, least of all people.

I completely agree with your comments on media fanning the flames of division. But I think we have an obligation individually to get past that, too. I share your concerns about money and suspect you are generally right about money--except that in my experience most big moneyed interests tend to lean a bit rightward (lower taxes and less regulation being the main attractions). But aside from the moneyed interests and disproportionate power there is a real division between the 2 parties. And partisans of all economic groups must rise above their team-mob mentality to listen to the opposing views. This is not easy. Of course media not only exacerbates but also models the kind of behavior--yelling, interrupting, name-calling and the rest of it--that prevents listening and learning and presupposed disrespect. Maybe people like me have given over to thoroughly to the idea of compromise and the middle way. But the way of extremism has proven woefully impractical. And we have a lot to get done.

just trivia but the raw story article is about what fauxnews did in doesn't mention the 2008 election '...the five received about $55 million in free advertising over the course of more than 85 hours of appearances in 2010."

BOYCOTT COMCAST!!!! Apparently the folks at Comcast only find leaning in one direction acceptable, to the right. One Fox News is more than enough. I'm thankful that I have other choices for cable televison.