Glenn Beck Laughs at Worries about Japanese Nuclear Disaster; Dismisses Concerns as Soros Propaganda

Charlatan Glenn Beck launched an absurd effort to discredit concerns about the cascading failures of the nuclear plants in Japan in the wake of the 9.0 quake and tsunami. In a genuinely shocking and callous segment on his radio show, Beck literally laughed off concerns about the potential nuclear meltdown.  He then proceeded to blame any concerns about fears on well-respected public interest groups, like Plowshares and the Union of Concerned Scientists, based on his continuing effort to smear philanthropist George Soros, who helps fund legitimate scientific and policy analysis of nuclear energy (as opposed to those groups funded by nuclear energy to promote nuclear energy).  So, Beck blames Soros for fears over nuclear meltdowns, not radioactive material.  Add this to the long line of lunatic rantings of the FOX "host" whose rise to unwarranted power must also be blamed on CNN's desire to put profiting off his snake oil way ahead of the interest in the truth.  Beck's irrational dismissal of well-founded concerns about the catastrophic dangers of nuclear energy flies in the face of the real news of the serious dangers of multiple meltdowns and of potential winds contaminated with the deadly Cesium-137. Nothing is surprising that Beck says any more, but that does not make it any less disgusting or deceptive. So, readers will likely not be surprised that while downplaying the dangers of nuclear energy, Beck also shilled for "food insurance." If you can stomach it, you can listen to him laughing off the risk of loss of life in Japan and elsewhere due to the dangers of nuclear energy here.



...This one seems to repeat the customary cycle of warnings voiced and ignored before the fact...

...and cover-ups after it:

The spinmeisters have got their work cut out for them this time.

I have been following the nuclear escalation closely, and it is quite scary to see the spin starting to take place (i.e. the US nuclear energy industry trying to protect itself.) As the event gets more serious the experts and "scientists" coming in to comment (and tell us we are all panicking about nothing) have direct ties to the nuclear power industry. I'm not an investigative journalist, but I am sure this doesn't stop at the commentator level. Has there been any direct research done yet on how many of our major media corporations have significant shares/investments in nuclear energy? We already know our gov't definitely does. I want to know how much can the American public trust any information coming from any major US news outlet?

Furthermore, I just want to put out there that the "powers that be" are so interested in nuclear energy because it is a form of control. Green energy is essentially "open platform." Particularly solar energy is relatively easy to develop, and someone can even install it on their own roof and go off grid. But nuclear energy is something that has to be controlled by a higher body... nobody can put a mini nuclear plant in their back yard. Social media (and the internet generally) has empowered and connected populations (look at the Middle East right now) that they have worked so hard to disassociate from each other.

They can no longer have complete control over the information people receive (i.e. corporate owned media) or ideas that are shared, so they need to tighten control in other areas- like energy. They know oil is running out, so nuclear energy was their hope for a new controlled form on energy. They will spin anything to resist public backlash against it.

This is how they are explaining the disaster to young Japanese kids - Nuclear Reactor Boy has a tummy ache!