South Korea Seeks the Calming Influence of Spin Doctors

The Korean Ministry of Labour has appointed Fleishman-Hillard (F-H) to "develop a strategic communications campaign to address pressing labour-related issues within the domestic market," reports Media magazine. David Blecken reports that F-H will run a one-year campaign which will "aim to maintain social harmony by building a greater level of understanding between the government, business community, unions, employees and other related interest groups." The South Korean Embassy in Washington D.C. has also hired the lobbying firm Parven Pomper Strategies (PPS) to promote the Korea - U.S. Free Trade Agreement, which has not yet been ratified by the U.S. Congress. The six-month-long contract is reported to be worth $120,000. Other PPS clients include Chevron, Monsanto, Pfizer and the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America.


Thank you for posting this; as a member of an Economic and Social Justice Team for PDA we will be all over this.

i was suprised that the beef buyers are not involved - considering Max "free market fundy" Baucus pushed our beef down their throats.

William Crain

This Government does have an issue with communication, but beyond that with management in general. It's been running in crisis mode for about a year now : even before the international financial crisis, Seoul was plagued with massive demonstrations which could have been easily prevented.

Stephane MOT -
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