Anonymous Funder Fills Sails of Pro-Nuclear "Documentary"

Gary Jobson, a leading U.S. sailor and sailing commentator, is working on a 90-minute "documentary" promoting nuclear power. The film, which is scheduled to be completed in May, will feature interviews with Marvin Fertel, the president and CEO of the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), the nuclear industry's main lobbying group as well as Patrick Moore and Christie Todd Whitman, who head up the Clean and Safe Energy Coalition, an Institute front group. "We're happy to participate in it because it's an important issue," said Scott Peterson, vice president of communications for the NEI. The film will also include interviews with Ted Turner and Mike Wallace, the vice chairman and chief operating officer of Constellation Energy. According to Jobson, after making a documentary on the New York Yacht Club he was approached by a member who suggested making a movie on nuclear power. Jobson proposed that he do a documentary first and a movie later. "The yacht club member, who works in the energy industry and wants to remain anonymous, has pledged to fund both projects," reports Theresa Winslow.


This article seems to be insinuating something nefarious. I too am working on a documentary about nuclear power for the past year. I would love it if some "Anonymous Funder" came to me and gave me a huge amount of money to finish my movie. What I learned after a year of investigation was that nuclear power not only has the best safety record of any energy source known to man. But is the only source of energy with enough energy density to satisfy future energy demand.

I would love it if some "Anonymous Funder" came to me and gave me a huge amount of money to finish my movie.

So you're your own anonymous funder. Must be a real labor of love. :-)

How about a documentary about the unsuccessful search, after 50 years, for a safe, permanent way to dispose of high-level nuclear waste, which only has to be kept out of the environment for 500,000 years or longer. That would be some fascinating footage.