Cokeheads In Our Schools

Greenbrier high school senior, Mike Cameron was suspended from school for wearing a Pepsi shirt at a Coke Day rally at his school. The Coke Day rally, dreamed up by the school's student government, was part of a marketing contest that offered $10,000 to the high school that does the best job of distributing Coca-Cola coupons. At Greenbrier, students were encouraged to dress in Coke's red and white and lined up to spell out the word "COKE" while more than a dozen of the company's executives looked on. By wearing a Pepsi T-shirt, Cameron was "being disruptive and trying to destroy the school picture," complained the school's principal.


I read the title thinking that there was a real bad problem in a school with pupils on Cocaine.
Thank god it was only a Coke drinks promotion.