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  • Reply to: Billionaire Eli Broad Takes Public Education Private   4 years 5 months ago
    Privatization supporters like Mr. Broad may align with a political party but it is simply to further their agenda. It is not traditional public schools that are failing, it is charter schools that have failed to show any difference overall in academic performance compared to traditional public schools. Many charter schools that do perform well often play the system that has been rigged in their favor through political campaign contributions to both parties. These profiteers then use public affairs companies to draft bills that create special laws for charter schools that provide opportunities to defraud public education of our tax revenue through Charter Management Organizations (CMO) which are privately held and outside public scrutiny or accountability. Charter schools were designed to be a vehicle for the wealthy to gain access to revenue streams intended for educating our children and they have been outrageously successful in doing that, to the tune of roughly 2 billion dollars.
  • Reply to: Convention of States Fires Up Base for Push to Rewrite U.S. Constitution   4 years 5 months ago
    She was talking about how we DONT WANT TO REWRITE The Constitution but only AMEND it. HELLO ! Where are we really going with this ? I see some of the talk above while touting it's not a partisan issue they say words like "EXTREME RIGHT WING" an awful lot here
  • Reply to: Backlash Against Koch Agenda Leads to Recall Drive Against Alaska Governor   4 years 6 months ago
    Your article failed to mention that it is a bipartisan effort to recall this governor. Alaska has recall conditions in the State constitution that must be met. To date, actions by AG Kevin Clarkson show he is the Governor's yes man. It is expected that he will NOT be unbiased. A challenge in the courts is expected.
  • Reply to: Kochs Bankroll Move to Rewrite the Constitution   4 years 6 months ago
    There are so many things about the Federal government that are in dis-repair that a convention to propose amendments is the only way we can ever reign in the government. This article, just like 98% of the media, is distorting the facts and telling down right LIES, because they want big uncontrolled government. Educate yourself before you blast away about something that you know nothing about. This is a movement of Constitutional Conservatives who want to save the Nation from imminent peril from a run-a-way government. That's the run-a-way...a convention has too many safeguards to "run-a-way". Lastly the two phrases the left and the media knowingly use to as a scare tactic; "run-a-way convention" and "constitutional convention"! It is not the latter and the former can not happen. PERIOD!
  • Reply to: Wisconsin Legislators Seek to Criminalize Climate, Environmental Protests with Latest Bill   4 years 6 months ago
    I was arrested along with over 200 other Wisconsin citizens for exercising our first amendment rights in the Wisconsin State Capitol. Despite the fact that all or our case were thrown out of court because the arrests were unconstitutional people the arrests themselves had consequences. People who put themselves on the line standing up for our right of free speech had pain compliance utilized on them as we were arrested. We had a 70 year old decorated Vietnam veteran dropped down the steps by the police. His hands were cuffed behind him taking away his ability to protect himself from the fall. This is only one example of the damage done to citizens under existing law. These new laws will just allow more harassing and physical abuse of citizens at the hands of police. These additional laws will have a chilling effect on free speech. They're unnecessary in a democratic society. They are ALEC bills designed to silence citizens standing up against the fossil fuels industries.