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    Agreed, Alan. It would be like me saying that I donate money to the Hell’s Angels... but I don’t support their agenda of racism, sexism, violence and drug trafficking... I only support their once a year charity event for kids (or whatever it is they do to keep a toe in the morality pond). It’s just completely ridiculous. (ps. Just using this as an example... I’m sure there are some very upstanding members of the Hell’s Angels out there... they just don’t have a very good track record ;)
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    That’s completely absurd! If State Farm donates money to ALEC, they don’t choose where their money is being allocated. If they are supporting ALEC in ANY WAY financially, they are, de facto, supporting the ALEC agenda in its entirety (such as proliferation of firearms, voter suppression, environmental regulatory rollbacks, etc). Period.
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    Everyone should keep in mind that when you hear the term "public relations" (or "PR"), whether in this article or in your daily life, you should think "propaganda." Public relations is literally propaganda. There is no difference between the two, one just sounds nicer. In fact, it was our man, Edward Bernays, himself, who invented the term "public relations" as a way to "rebrand" the term propaganda. After WWI he saw how successful propaganda was in wartime and wondered if it could be as useful during peacetime, but he knew that the war had sullied the term "propaganda", so he invented the term "public relations" to replace it, but he knew that it was all the same thing. Edward Bernays is one of the most interesting people or subjects that you could ever consider going down a rabbit hole on. He is singlehandedly responsible for 'inventing' your own belief that "bacon and eggs are breakfast foods." He made that up while working for the pork industry, if I'm not mistaken.
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    walmart has since cut ties with ALEC after the shooting of Trayvon Martin
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    Mr. or Ms. White Nationalist, we who support, want such information so we can ensure we don't support platforms that enable White Nationalists such as yourself. Your hate-filled rhetoric made me remember that you were once an innocent happy baby...& I wondered who influenced you so much that you grew into such a hate-filled inhumane individual. I honestly hope you have a life-changing experience in your life @ some point that somehow immensely effects a change in you & in your heart.