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  • Reply to: Scott Brown Successfully Capitalized on the Bailout Blues   1 week 2 days ago
    l have watched the true moving of what happen when these big banks and government with the help of the the Media.. On purpose capitalized and give out on purpose give out bad loans. And to do this on purpose with the help of r government and they knowingly gave out bad loans and the media help. Now the banks got the bailouts for free and got these homes for free, and some they took illegally. And we had another bailout for the bank of PNC.. They said they needed it in order to b able to compete. Well what they done was took R free bailout and bought out National City.. Putting them @ the top rating of big banks @ the cost of us the taxpayers. And NC just had built a new bank that had not even opened yet and PNC closed it and sold the building. and closed out all of the NC banks. And started remodeling some of their new banks and another of the NC banks to make it their own... Now before any of what this government has brought on America started. PNC bank is not for the people..
  • Reply to: ALEC Legislator Introduces Bill to Suppress the Vote in Ohio   2 weeks 4 days ago
    What do you mean Suppress voting. It is voter fraud. mailing in ballots, opens the door way to the taking away my vote & millions of others for the Deep State crooks in MSNMedia,Antifa, BLM, George Soros, paid Vigilantes & Illegal Aliens, Corps. & Govt Officials will see to it that Republican & Independent votes ever get counted. The Demoncrates want all control. If they win, the election they will reverse all President Trump has done for the people by getting rid of them (THE EVIL DEEP STATE)& the Illegal Rothschild's owned, Federal Reserve Bank. Stop supporting the Dems. Agenda 21,the Satan followers plan of the fall of America & the Christian race. PR Watch must be as Corrupted as those Satan Followers..YOU LOOSE IN THE END. no matter what.
  • Reply to: Black Voters Continue to Face Voter Suppression 155 Years After Juneteenth   2 months 1 week ago
    I found this study after reading about Lebron James and company starting an organization to combat black voter suppression. If that was real I had to read about it because that shouldn’t be allowed. This study found that minorities wait longer than whites likely due to less resources or living in a populated area and forced to wait longer. Ok that is common sense. And then voter purges. Basically it’s when the state cleans up their registered voters list because the list isn’t accurate due to people not updating their information or not voting consistently. Ok fine. If you want to vote, register to vote and make it a priority. Still not seeing anything in this article that deliberately suppresses the vote.
  • Reply to: Funding Hate: How Online Merchants and Payment Processors Aid White Nationalists   2 months 3 weeks ago
    Can you provide me with a source for the claim that Trump increased hate group participation by 55%?
  • Reply to: Facebook creates fact-checking exemption for climate deniers   3 months 4 days ago
    "A group of experts deciding what is acceptable and what is not is more frightening to me than the freedom to publish information and let the public decide." Excuse me? The public is generally comprised of people who need to be told to wear seat-belts for their own safety, to not use hairdryers in the shower, don't walk to close to the cliff's edge and that they shouldn't be drinking detergent? Um, yeah, loads of faith in the public... Although, to be fair, it's not their fault. The public are generally a bunch of morons, perhaps we should just let climate change continue unabated in order to cull a large number of these dimwits who believe Bob, the weather guy, has a better understanding than 200 worldwide scientific organisations that all agree on human caused climate change. Yeah, Bob definitely needs to heard. Russian, Chinese and American scientific communities all agree on this - it's not a political or ideological argument - it's a fact.