Congress in 30 Seconds: When you think about your congressperson, what comes to mind?

Not content to wait patiently for the daily schedules of members of Congress to be released, the folks at the Sunlight Network have upped the ante on their Punch Clock Campaign. One week after unveiling its campaign to get members (and candidates) to publish their calendars, Sunlight today launched its Congress In 30 Seconds campaign, a new contest challenging citizens to depict the daily life of their elected officials.

Sunlight is asking citizens to use audio and video links (several are provided, but participants are free to upload their own), add their own text, and create 30-second videos which they believe represent a day in the life of their congressperson. The participant who submits the best entry will be handsomely rewarded with a $5,000 cash prize! The idea is that after seeing what their constituents think they do all day, members of Congress will be tripping over themselves to publish their actual schedules!

Check out the campaign’s main page to read the terms of the contest, view a great introductory video, and start creating your own. Here at Congresspedia, we will be logging all videos pertaining to specific members and important issues in Congress. The last day to submit an entry is October 26, so don’t waste any time!