Utah Group Seeks to Recall Wisconsin Democratic Senators

The conservative American Recall Coalition, a group from Salt Lake City, Utah, is leading the charge to reel in eight Democratic Senators in Wisconsin who are among 14 lawmakers who left the state in protest of Governor Scott Walker's budget repair bill, according to the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board (GAB).

The out-of-state group last week filed with the GAB website to recall the Senators, but initial filings did not have anyone from the local senatorial district as part of the recall requests.

"They didn't have any local people involved, so we contacted them and said they need to have one local person in each district," said GAB spokesman Reid Magney. "They withdrew those initial filings and made new ones and we are waiting for the signed paperwork."

Wisconsin senators targeted in the campaign are Lena Taylor, Spencer Coggs, Jim Holperin, Mark Miller, Robert Wirch, Julie Lassa, Fred Risser and Dave Hansen.

According to a Reuters report, the American Recall Coalition is also campaigning to recall Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik of Arizona, who drew conservative fire last month after linking the Tucson shootings that killed 6 and seriously hurt 13 people, including U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords, to "political vitriol, prejudice and bigotry."

The GAB's Campaign Finance Information website lists separate formal recalls for Holperin, Wirch, Hansen and Miller.

Meanwhile, organizing efforts are underway by United Wisconsin to recall Republican Senators Robert Cowles, Alberta Darling, Sheila Harsdorf, Luther Olsen, Randy Hopper, Glen Grothman, Mary Lazich, and Dan Kapanke, who favor Walker's bill.

A website, recallscottwalker.info, has been set up to gather the more than a half-million signatures needed to recall Walker next January, the earliest that a recall petition can be filed by law. United Wisconsin has also started gathering signatures to recall the embattled governor.

In a video statement Saturday, AFSCME Executive Director Marty Beil encouraged union members to take action to protect Democratic senators against recalls and said they were joining efforts to recall the Republican senators. "We are resolved and we will continue to fight for the middle class," Beil said.


Sorry, but not in today's world. Welcome to AZ issues. Three different states have interfered with our States Rights. I don't get involved anymore because of the intrusive ways of GOVERNMENT and other COUNTRIES telling AZ what to do.

I would think that bringing in people from the outside is ok when it is to protect peoples rights. After all, these attacks have the potential to affect the rights of ALL Americans, and not just those in Wisconsin. It should however, end at the politics and budget issues. WE dont need outsiders telling us if our teachers are overpaid. Republicans and Tea Party members should be disgusted with themselves. After all, it is they that preach small, local government, and the retention of rights as essential to liberty.....or is that only when a Black president, of whom they hate for other reasons, is alledged to be threatening their freedom? Seems to me, I have heard cries of "Govt Takeover" and "Its the work of a Statist" And.....the rights of EVERYONE will be affected if this goes through, because as revealed in the Koch sucker call, its really about a national agenda, and union busting affects the non union workers, wether public or private, because they are the last bulwarck standing against complete corporate, fascist control. Control sought, but not needed, because if you Google the words "Record Corporate Profits" you will see that they are doing just fine. In a free market, its sink or swim, so the Govt really should not be meddling with this. Another Republican hypocricy?

American Recall Coalition sounds like another Koch Industries astro-turf front group. It's affiliated with an anti-immigrant group neither of which actually exists except in the mind of whoever (*cough*....David Koch) is backing it anonymously.

Wasn't this "Utah Group..." posted by the Onion News a few days ago? i.e. not true but amusing? http://www.theonion.com/articles/utah-group-moves-to-recall-wisconsin-senators,19303/

I think the onion survey was based on the real story (that is, survey is satire but underlying story is real).

Wisconsin political issues should be resolved by the people of Wisconsin. Anyone not living in this state should have no say (regardless of their position) in what's going on in this state. Unless they're willing to move here, work here, pay taxes here, etc., they need to stay away. We're not interested in their opinions, their picket signs, their assistance, etc. If you're not from Wisconsin, I kindly invite you to leave us alone ... WE DON'T NEED OR WANT YOUR INPUT.

so the Mormans once again are sticking their noses in another's states business? they should be investigated under the RICO laws. how dare they?

I am a Mormon and am very involved in the protest here in Madison. Many members of my church (in my opinion) have been tricked into thinking that God somehow endorses ultra-conservatism. I am sickened by it, but I am not leaving my religion. You can be disgusted with them, I am too, but please know that there is a strong minority of social justice minded Mormons who question many of the Church's official stances and aspects of the culture. I am disgusted by this latest wave of tea party conservatives led by the hate-speech spewing Glenn Beck. I feel that he uses his Mormon religion to give legitimacy to his paranoid ideas.