Herman Cain's New Internet Campaign Ad Promotes Smoking

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain's new internet ad features a tight head shot of his campaign's "chief of staff," Mark Block, telling viewers how great Cain will be for the country and how much confidence he has in Cain. In the ad, Block looks directly at the camera, says, "We've run a campaign like nobody's ever seen." Then, at the 40-second mark in the 56-second political spot, Block unexplicably takes a long, prominent drag from a lit cigarette and then exhales, blowing the smoke directly at the viewer. The ad highlights Cain's connections to the tobacco industry, and Block's position in the campaign belies Cain's connections to David Koch. Until earlier this year, Block was the long-time leader of the Wisconsin arm of the David Koch-funded astroturf group, Americans for Prosperity (AFP), following a scandal that barred him from electoral politics for a time. A number of Cain's other aides have also worked for AFP, and Cain's old work and email addresses used to be with the Koch group. But what's the cigarette connection?

The tobacco industry has helped advance some of Americans for Prosperity's agenda in several states. Cain himself has also been a tobacco industry ally. He formerly served as president of the National Restaurant Association -- a long-time ally of the tobacco industry in the past.  R.J. Reynolds' Director of Public Policy, Robert Meyne, openly praised him in a speech at a 1994 international restaurant, hotel and gambling convention in Las Vegas. Another RJR memo from 1997 indicates clearly that Cain and RJR agreed hold on pro-smoking policies. Numerous documents are available at the Legacy Tobacco Documents Library describing his relationship with the tobacco industry.


I write on theinterpretor blog and have been researching an Australian organisation called the IPA (Institute for Public Affairs) which purports to be an educational institute but is actually a propaganda unit funded by big corporations like Phillip Morris,British Tobacco,Exxon,Monsanto and many more companies campaigning for reducing legislative restrictions on tobacco,carbon emission etc. Much like a subversive ALEC. In this research I came up with the following info after an IPA operative Tim Wilson, ran a campaign on Palm Oil using data from a Consumer Alliance for Global Prosperity publication. Consumer Alliance for Global Prosperity (CAGP) is an “astroturf” front-group formed in August of 2010. They have started a campaign they call "Pulp Wars" which attacks environmental groups and corporations that have agreed to stop sourcing pulp products and palm oil from Indonesia. (See CAGP report titled "Empires of Collusion") The spokesman for CAGP is Andrew Langer, who is the founder and president of the Institute for Liberty (IFL), one of two listed supporters of CAGP. The other supporter is Frontiers of Freedom, a right wing front group funded by Exxon, the Koch brothers, and Phillip Morris. Source: New York Times "Odd Alliance: Business Lobby and Tea Party". Mike Mcintire, March 30, 2011 It appears Phillip Morris Exxon and Koch Brothers have recurring links in front groups trying to destabilise NGOs protecting environmental and social values. It totally fits the normal behaviour of Koch backed front groups to push tobacco. I would guess that Phillip Morris would be a likely Cain contributor. These working partnerships between the more grubby corporations go beyond the borders of the USA. PS. Thank you Source Watch for providing so much data to tease out these links. Keep up the good work at CMD it is valuable for us all wherever we live. Best Regards Jim Scott from the interpretor@wordpress.com

What's the cigarette even supposed to indicate in this? Brusqueness? Irritation? What do children take away from this? That people who smoke cigarettes "mean business" and make for convincing subjects of political propaganda? It's a wry slap in the face for health advocates, ex-smokers and anyone who's ever been ill or has seen those fall ill, or die as result of tobacco smoke. If smoking can be restricted on television and in movies, it should be restricted from the political process. I don't say this as a reactionary, but it was completely tertiary to the message and ultimately useless stage business. Webmaster of <strong><a href="http://www.monarchatb.com">Nikon ATB Birding</a></strong>

Openly declaring his support for the tobacco industry would most likely damage his reputation. Its no wonder why he was out of the race so early. Politicians must really be mindful of the kind of image they depict themselves. Such a move would really backfire if political observers analyze their every move. Vaycig - http://www.e-cig-bargains.com