Fox's Michelle Malkin Goes to Bat for ALEC

In the face of a successful relay race of corporations dropping their membership with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a Fox News contributor has called for her own campaign against these same corporations. Michelle Malkin asked her readers in the Washington Examiner to not "do business with progressive appeasers" and to boycott businesses that have decided to sever their relationship with ALEC.

Malkin's call for action comes after a successful week of campaigning by the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD), Color of Change, Common Cause, People for the American Way, Progress Now, CREDO, and other groups, which have urged ALEC's corporate funders to quit the organization for its role in promoting reckless gun laws, voter suppression, and other radical proposals. So far, McDonalds, Kraft Foods, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Intuit, Wendy's, and the Gates Foundation have announced they would not continue their support for ALEC. In her piece, Malkin characterizes groups like Color of Change as a "minority community activist outfit" and Progress Now as a "a militant group backed by billionaire George Soros."

The recent storm of press about ALEC was prompted by the organization's support for Florida-style "Stand Your Ground" laws, which may be used as a defense by the shooter of 20-year old Trayvon Martin. While Malkin writes that it is, "simply wrong to try to score political points by taking advantage of a great tragedy like Trayvon Martin's death," Malkin was busy scoring her own political points when her website,, posted a picture of a boy in his boxers holding up two middle fingers for the camera, falsely claiming that it was Trayvon. The site later acknowledged its mistake.


I guess Malkin forgets that she'd be in an internment camp if she were around during WWII. Perhaps she should be more deferential to those evil, progressive groups like Color of Change that want to ensure fairness and equality.

When Malkin gazes at herself lovingly in the mirror I doubt she sees what we all do when we encounter her on the republicanazi foxfake 'news' channel, which is nothing but a corporate whore and the five-letter word for a female dog.

I read a link from your website which stated "How America Gave African-Americans Redress! It states "Brown vs Board, Civil Rights Act, Voting Rights and Affirmative Action. I would like to find that link again can you send it to me. It says how the Holocaust Victims and Japanese Internment Victims got monetary Reparations and all we got was Civil Rights. I and another person are working on a Redress Petition now. We are not African-American's we are Captive Descendants. African-Americans are immigrants and we are indigenous to America by Force, our forefathers were forced on those boats and we lost all the African Heritage and became Native Born American's making us indigenous American's (Captive Descendant's) I myself is truly tired of being clumped with other groups of people so they can hide their crimes against us which hasn't stopped.

It is Fox (so called) News, ALEC with all its affiliates against the rest of the country. Why do they beat their chests for "freedom" when they hate the liberals' free thinking ways? It is the tale of two nations. The grab-all for free without regulations, control or government -Conservatives; and the meek, appeaser, hippie, liberals who only get the trickles. I really dream of a separate nation from the ones who want to make a living off the shoulders of the middle, and lower classes. The ones who want perpetual war and destruction and a constant drumbeat of Invasion/Occupation. The ones who continue to make this nation the aggressor of the world. For profit; Insatiable hunger for profit. An absolute disregard for other's freedom of choice. A relentless effort to Divide and Conquer, even within. A mis-information/noise machine. A complete absence of facts, but rather a campaign for weapons of mass deception - WMD. The ones who have resisted and continue to resit to be part of a Union - it took a Civil War to wrangle them into it, and still want to secede. Wow! I'd really hate to go to a nation like that. Worse yet... I hate for that nation to be a part of mine. One thing for sure... It is Not a United States.

The Unite Against the War on Women Rallys in DC and all 50 states are being held on April 28th, 2012 with the DC event being held between 1-4PM in Upper Senate Park. I am going to be speaking about ALEC to the rally and we are in the process of developing a shopping sheet of corporations that participate with Alex and what those corporations are, and how women can use the power of their purses to stop the funding of candidates who enact ALEC legislation that erodes their voting rights, reproductive rights, equal pay rights, healthcare access, and middle class jobs. As we seek to prepare the shopping sheet we are changing it often because of the corporations dropping out which is good. I think if we can get the word out to women and they will look for alternative products and corporations to buy from if we give out the info which I am planning on doing. We could use all the support we can get to get the word out. Email me if you can help us with information, speakers, printing, anything. Thanks, Logistics lead for DC WOW rally, Jacquie Nantier

American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Wal-Mart is a member of the ALEC Board, and in 2005 headed the ALEC Task Force that ratified the law that may protect the killer of Trayvon Martin and other unarmed victims. Wal-Mart is also the largest seller of rifles and ammunition in the U.S. Shocking? No. Shocking Wal Mart won't discuss or change? No. It is run my a bunch of ham handed Arkansas crackers. Corporations thru their front organization ALEC are also drafting model legislation for voter ID laws, thus limiting minority voters ability to vote. Shame on Wal Mart and on Michelle Malkin for her support of this BS.

Seems that ignorance sometimes speak louder that common sense and knowledge, voter ID laws is to protect ALL the citizens from corruption, is obvious that most of you drink the kool-aid that the media is providing for you to your lack of understanding and thinking is limited. Voter ID do not go against minorities, except if minorities you call anyone who's illegal. The government of each state provide for those that can't afford to paid for it, a State ID so they can vote, the reason they don't want this to be law, is not because people is been refuse their right, but because they want to take your right away, of "one person one vote" you see, today if anyone go to some voting places, they can ask to give "your form" to vote for, and they will vote under your name, "stealing" from you "your right of vote" if they have in ID, they can't steal your right to vote. Sometimes even for those that seems to be hard to think, common sense should tell them, that if you go to school, a game, travel, buy a car, get a phone or anything else, YOU HAVE TO SHOW YOUR ID... when someone is asking you to trust them with YOUR life and the future of YOUR children if you have some, it's more important than a phone or go to a game... why should not be mandatory to ask for the ID, only illegals can't vote, everyone else can. You all need to stop allow the liberal/progressives to dictate your thought process, because they make of you and those that believe in their lies, slaves and puppets to use in their favor when they want to bring riots, crisis and divisions... this IS YOUR COUNTRY and you should always defend your rights, YOUR RIGHTS...!!! it's not about minorities, is about control and power, and you are being use... wake up!!!

They are a hoot over at FOX News. They are entertainment. For real news stick with Bill Moyers or the BBC. Just saying...(and I say a lot.)