Democracy Now! Interviews Lisa Graves and John Nichols About Exposing "Fix the Debt" Campaign

Democracy Now! spoke with John Nichols of The Nation and Lisa Graves of the Center for Media and Democracy about their joint efforts to expose Pete Peterson's "Campaign to Fix the Debt" as an astroturf supergroup spending millions to convince Congress that a job-killing austerity package is the way to go in the middle of an economic downturn.

Originally aired on Democracy Now! on February 26, 2013.


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Let the Kleptocratic Larcenists fail. Break up the behemoth banks. Do not subsidize them. They are strangling the life out of us, and are nothing but greedy vampire squid zombies who want to make us their slaves. The President, the Congress, and We the People can do this. FDR stood up to these Fascists, and we can too. We must, while there is still a planet left. The Private Central Banking Club that is the Fed, and Wall Street, and the gargantuan corporations want to Sequester us even more? How dare they. We can't let them do it.