Madison Joins "Fossil Free" Divestment Effort

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin pledges to keep city free of fossil fuel investments.Mayor Paul Soglin threw his support behind's "Fossil Free" campaign, pledging to keep Madison free of fossil fuel investments and working to convince other units of local government to do the same. Soglin's decision came just a few months after Bill McKibben, a leading climate crusader and founder of, came to Madison on his national "Do The Math" sustainable-fuel bus tour. McKibben hopes to hit the fossil fuel industry where it hurts the most, on its bottom line campaigning to convince universities and municipalities to divest from fossil fuels.

Modeled on the successful effort to get colleges, pension funds, churches, cities, and states to divest from apartheid South Africa, the groups are asking ethical investors to freeze new investments in fossil fuel companies and divest from direct ownership or commingled funds, which include public equities and corporate bonds. The top 500 colleges and universities alone hold endowments worth an estimated $400 billion. Removing fossil fuel investments from this sum, will make "ExxonMobil, Shell, and Peabody sweat," says

To date, 11 cities have announced their divestment, and student and community organizers are working on active divestment campaigns in cities and on University campuses around the country. Madison joins San Francisco, CA, Richmond, CA, Berkeley, CA, Bayfield, WI, Ithaca, NY, State College, PA, Eugene, OR, Santa Fe, NM, and Boulder, CO in committing to divesting, along with Seattle, WA, which committed to divestment last fall.


Nowhere in this piece is information stating specification of the state or university you are referring to. Please enlighten us. I am assuming that it is the U. of Wisconsin @ Madison, but others may not be aware of the institution, and can't count on the accuracy of the article without definite confirmation of the details. Thanks.

I believe Mayor Soglin is referring to the city of Madison, which I hope includes for this purpose the University campus.

Madison always seems to be ahead of the game. I only wish we had such a progressive city to lead on issues in our state.