Syngenta Celebrates Earth Day by Ladling on the Pesticides

Atrazine Indicator Species PortraitHerbicide manufacturer Syngenta had an interesting way of celebrating Earth Day this year, touting the joys of pesticides.

The multinational conglomerate sent out a press release during the approach to Earth Day exclaiming that "modern farming is grounds for Earth Day celebration" because, it continues, "conservation tillage and no-till farming are responsible for significant environmental benefits often overlooked by Earth Day observers." These "no-till" farming techniques, which reduce erosion and fuel use, depend "on the ability to control weeds, demonstrating the importance of the 50-year-old herbicide atrazine."

Some scientists, including agricultural economist John Ikerd and toxicologist Warren Porter, are not buying the "atrazine is great for Mother Earth" spin.

Listen to interviews with Dr. Paul Mitchell, Dr. Warren Porter, Dr. John Ikerd, and Margaret Krome -- which originally aired on WORT-FM community radio in Madison, Wisconsin -- here: