Spies for Hire

A group called "Military Information Services" is offering its skills in "psychological warfare" to corporations and governments. A unit of MIS called "Behavior Modification Operations" calls itself "a unique international corporate advisory company ready to fulfill your specific behavior modification requirements in support of organizational objectives in unstable areas and nations of the world. BMO is staffed by psychological warfare and military operations professionals who specialize in developing regions of Africa, the Middle East, Asia and South America. ... By means of specially designed crises communications programs, BMO personnel are thoroughly trained to facilitate local acceptance of your organization's objectives at all levels of a given society, from leaders of developing nations to hostile local groups and communities. Simply put, we will ensure your operations are sympathetically supported by both antagonistic and indifferent local populations groups. ... BMO will work with your organization to provide effective influence over a given local population's opinions, emotions and attitudes." BMO also promises to keep its activities secret through "secondment of our specialist to any of your departmental extensions overseas (be it PR, HR, Legal, etc.) so that the secondee will be veiled (hidden) in your organizational chart and will provide management information strictly to the designated executive for his/her discretionary use."



The BMO webpage was created by myself for a client who had an idea for a business and wanted a sample webpage created of some possible content to review. Indeed, the photos on the page were lifted entirely from MS Pub 98 as it was intended as just a rough first draft only and was never developed beyond that. The web page was hosted by MIS, but BMO never got off the ground as a business as far as I know and certainly was never a unit of MIS, which is strictly a news and information service. All of this could have easily have been determined by contacting the company via e-mail. Of course, it must be easier to just sit back and assume rather do any real research. The vailidty of the journalism and research regarding other entries on this web site must also similarly be questionable.