Nevada Plans $4-Million Fight Against Yucca Mountain Nuclear Site

The Nevada State Legislature allocated $4 million for PR and legal fees to stop the creation of a nuclear waste depository at Yucca Mountain. PR Week quotes an unnamed Washington public affairs executive predicting that the PR contract would attract an unusual selection of bidders, because any company with nuclear interests would support the creation of the Yucca Mountain site, and most large PR agencies are likely to have clients that would be in direct or in indirect conflict with the state's campaign. "The pro-nuke side is much more lucrative," said the executive. "I would expect a smaller agency maybe to partner with someone, but this would be difficult for anyone big. Besides, state contracts are notoriously difficult to make profitable." For more information on the Yucca Mountain site, see PR Watch Vol. 2, #4 and Vol. 6, #2, or the website of the Nevada Nuclear Waste Task Force.