Whale Meat In The UK

While the International Whaling Commission held its annual meeting in London, PR Week asked British public relations practitioners how they would market whale meat. Two of the four respondents said that marketing whale meat is not an option given the already existing moratorium on whaling and the public opinion supporting it. Lexis' Bill Jones joked, "For a campaign slogan, we should of course borrow from that other Japanese import, Pokemon -- Gotta Catch 'Em All." Chris Lukehurst of the Meat and Livestock Commission saw "scope for marketing it as a health food that is also environmentally friendly. Whale is a traditional organic food ... It is free-range and not genetically modified. ... An added environmental bonus is that just one animal will feed hundreds of people."



Eating whales is a disgusting and abhorrent practice, which is as repulsive and unnecessary as cannibalism.

Are you a whale? Whales are just the same as any other mammal, humans included. If you're going to come out with provocative lines such as the above, I hope that you are an evangelical vegan.

Whale meat is low fat, delicious and reasonably priced. One whale can feed an army (the Norwegian army eats it) and the removal of other species from the aquatic ecosystem is more harmful.

I have just returned from working in Greenland, where whale is a staple part of the diet - it is not killed for comercial use, only local consumption, the area where I was working was very barren and volcanic, no chance to go shoot birds, rabbits or grow fresh fruits and veg. Whale, seal and fish and muskox are a very large part of the local diet. All other meat, fruits, veg etc is very expensive to buy as it has to be shipped in - the local wage is not high, so what would you expect the people to do. I agree commercial whaling should be banned, but don't judge everyone who eats whale - for some it;s not a choice

I ate some cured whale meat a couple of years ago in Iceland. It tasted great. I have no problem at all with eating this animal if it is caught sustainably.