Boise Cascade Partners With World Wide Fund for Nature

Boise Cascade is one of the worst transnational logging companies in the world. Its many scandals include: involvement in false imprisonment of peasant environmentalists who opposed Boise's logging in Mexico; a huge proposed woodchipping scheme in Southern Chile; threats of lawsuits and harassment to environmentalists, including a recent threat to ECO's Cath Wallace; and involvement with the campaign to get the Rainforest Action Network's tax-deductibility status removed. Thanks to the World Wide Fund for Nature, however, the company just got a green makeover. Boise Cascade's Australian office products catalog showcases the company's new image. The front cover shows a picture of an endangered turtle, above the WWF logo and a caption that reads, "Supporter of the World Wide Fund For Nature." The rest of the catalogue is scattered with similar references to WWF and eco-friendly icons such as a panda, a Siberian tiger, a black rhino, and Boise Cascade's mascot, "Sam the Sugar Glider" (with no mention that sugar gliders, one of Australia's most endangered species, are very susceptible to logging). For other polluting companies that want to buy a similarly green image, the WWF website thoughtfully provides a corporate pricelist.