FAIR Watchdogs the "Media March to War"

Coverage of the September 11th terrorist attack and the pending military response contains clamors for blind and immediate revenge. Media watchdog group Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting has compiled instances of such counterproductive warmongering and will continue to critique what FAIR calls "the media march to war," such as: "Time to Take Names and Nuke Afghanistan" (caption to cartoon by Gary Brookins (Richmond Times -Dispatch, 9/13/01); or "At a bare minimum, tactical nuclear capabilities should be used" (former Defense Intelligence Agency officer Thomas Woodrow, "Time to Use the Nuclear Option," Washington Times, 9/14/01). FAIR commends journalists who "illuminate some of the forces that can give rise to violent extremism." These analysts "contribute far more to public security than do pundits calling for indiscriminate revenge."