Ignore Rumors of Faked Palestinian Footage

Rumors continue to circulate through the internet and other sources that CNN used old footage to fake images of "Palestinians dancing in the street" after the terrorist attack on the USA. These rumors have been debunked by numerous sources, including the American Arab Anti Discrimination Committee (ADC). In an action alert, the ADC says it is "convinced that there is no basis for this allegation," which it characterizes as an "internet hoax." A small group of Palestinian in the village of Nablus really did celebrate the bombing. However, ADC objects strongly to "the fact that footage of the small 'celebrations' were aired continuously, while much larger commemorations, candle-light vigils and other expressions of public grief by Palestinians were ignored. ADC believes that a false impression of the reactions of the Palestinian people to the attacks, which was overwhelmingly negative, has been created by this select use of footage, but not by any falsification or recycling of old footage." The ADC itself has condemned the terrorist attacks and has established a special fund to assist the victims. The ADC website lists similar statements condemning the attacks from throughout the Arab world, along with resources to combat hate crimes against Arabs that have subsequently surged.