Anthrax Good News For Irradiaters

In an article headlined "Anthrax attacks have bolstered consumer perceptions of food irradiation," the livestock industy website reports: "American consumers may be warming up to the idea of irradiation, according to a news survey by Porter Novelli. Apparently, news coverage of bioterrorist activity in the United States, combined with the well-publicized news about the use of irradiation technology to eradicate anthrax spores in potentially contaminated U.S. mail, has brought the benefits of this technology to the forefront in consumers' minds." Public Citizens has questioned claims made by SureBeam Corp. that their irradiation technology is able to kill anthrax spores, saying that SureBeams has no scientific evidence to support their claim. For more on this, see October 18, 2001, Spin of the Day.