Hollywood Helps Out With "War Against Terrorism"

Hollywood studios, television networks, and unions have formed a 40-person committee to assist in the ongoing "war against terrorism." The committee, the outgrowth of White House advisor Karl Rove's discussions with the entertainment industry, is focusing on "distributing films to troops abroad, arranging United Service Organization shows, and creating PSAs honoring troops and boosting morale," reports PR Week. Among Hollywood's morale-boosting efforts, the star-studded cast of first-run film "Ocean's Eleven" will attend a screening on a US military base in Turkey. The cast of the TV show "Everybody Loves Raymond" sent out a special holiday greeting to the troops overseas according to the New York Times. "The holiday messages are the advance guard in what network executives said would be a procession of war-related public service announcements supporting the armed services, emphasizing tolerance of other religions and cultures or urging volunteerism," writes the Times.