Greenpeace's Melchett Now with Burson-Marsteller

The Guardian Unlimited reports that "Lord Melchett, the former head of Greenpeace UK ... (has) taken a job at a PR company which has represented Monsanto and the European biotech industry. ...(T)he former Labour minister and farmer, who is on the board of Greenpeace International, is to become a consultant for Burson-Marsteller.... Burson-Marsteller is the company that governments with poor human rights records and corporations in trouble with environmentalists have turned to when in crisis." A Greenpeace memo sent to PR Watch naively states that "our view is that since GP has been giving advice to business for years it is no surprise that Peter will be giving the same advice in a different capacity." It is not unusual for leading Greenpeace activists, such as Patrick Moore and Paul Gilding, to become well-paid PR advisors to polluters, as PR Watch has reported. Melchett will minimally be window dressing for B-M, a PR firm with a poor reputation trying to recreate its own image.