ABC Depicts Tobacco Flack Rick Berman as a Hero in the War Against "Eco-Terrorism"

Rick Berman started with $900,000 from the Philip Morris tobacco company. He is waging a corporate-funded smear campaign against public health, environmental and animal welfare organizations and the non-profit foundations that fund them. Berman scored a PR coup today with a prominent story casting him as a hero in the fight against "eco-terrorism." According to the ABC story, "What (Berman) came to the (Congressional) hearing advocating was that the government wage war against domestic terrorism the way the war has been waged against accused terror mastermind Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda network not just by going after those who carry out illegal acts, but by trying to cut off financial support for organizations identified as being terrorist." ABC neglected to explain that Berman is a PR lobbyist who is paid a great deal of money to smear, attack and disrupt the funding of public interest groups disliked by his corporate clients in the food, tobacco and booze industries.