Nichols Dezenhall PR Sees "Eco-Terrorists" Everywhere

"If you've ever given money to an environmental organization ... you might even be a terrorist, or at least an accomplice. At least that's what Nick Nichols seems to think. Nichols views wouldn't matter if he were just another backwoods loser. On the contrary, environmental watchdogs fear he's at the vanguard of efforts to exploit the nation's post-September 11th mood by tarring the entire green movement as extremists. ... Nichols is the CEO of "crisis communication" firm Nichols-Dezenhall. The firm doesn't reveal its clients, but they have reportedly included business pillars including Audi, Arco and the Society of the Plastics Industry. He's also popular on the nation's lecture circuit. At a March 7, 2002 conference on "Eco Extremism" co-sponsored by Nichols Dezenhall and the Competitive Enterprise Institute (a 'free market' think tank) Nichols delivered a thinly-veiled marketing pitch for his firm, in an assembly room overlooking the U.S. Capitol grounds. Among the well-heeled, attentive audience members were journalists, think tankers and executives from the paper, forestry and plastics industries." For more information on Nichols' services to corporations, download his recent presentation to the National Pork Producers.