Beer and Terror Don't Mix (But What About Buying Gas For An SUV?)

"Take an ad suggesting that doing illegal drugs can lead to terrorism and add the word 'beer' and what do you get?" Advertising Age asks. "As the Office of National Drug Control Policy discovered some very angry beer wholesalers and brewers." The ad copy in dispute reads "Last night, I met the guys for beers, went out for dinner and helped gun down 21 men, women and children." The White House drug office says the ad is part of a series showing how illegal drugs finance terrorism and is not meant to make a connection between alcohol and illicit drugs. Earlier this month, Alaska Senator Frank Murkowski came up with his own version of the fund-a-terrorist trope. According to Reuters, Murkowski, arguing in favor of oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, told his colleagues that U.S. purchases of Iraqi oil are funneled through Saddam Hussein to Palestinian suicide bombers. "Each time an American goes to the gas pump he is funding indirectly the suicide bombers," Murkowski said.