The Treasonous Press

"I accuse the media in the United States of treason," says a State Department official in a Washington Post opinion piece. Dennis Pluchinsky, a senior intelligence analyst with the Diplomatic Security Service in the U.S. Department of State, goes on to propose that the American press be censored in its coverage of the war on terrorism. "If there were an 'Osama bin Laden' award given out by al Qaeda, I believe that it would be awarded to the U.S news media for their investigative reporting," he says. "This type of reporting -- carrying specifics about U.S. vulnerabilities -- must be stopped or censored. ... During World War II, there was a security slogan that went: 'Loose lips sinks ships.' Maybe the current security slogan should be: 'Prolific pens propagate terrorist plots.' The president and Congress should pass laws temporarily restricting the media from publishing any security information that can be used by our enemies."