Steve Milloy (aka The Junkman) and His Identity Crisis

Industry apologist Steven Milloy, formerly a tobacco lackey at The Advancement of Sound Science Coalition and currently a self-proclaimed expert on "junk science," is hiding behind yet another front group. claims to be dedicated to exposing "examples of false and misleading food and other product labels and their associated marketing campaigns," but its real mission is to attack organic foods on behalf of the biotech industry. As is usually the case with Milloy's web sites, does not disclose the identity of any of its staff members or financial supporters, but an Internet registry search shows that the domain name is registered to Citizens for the Integrity of Science, a paper organization that Milloy sometimes lists as the sponsor of his other web site, By way of content, prominently features "The Fear Profiteers," which first appeared on yet another, now-defunct Milloy Front Group called, which we debunked in the 3rd Quarter 2000 issue of PR Watch.