GM Wins Greenwash Award

"What are they thinking? GM's 'Introducing the Saturn VUE' ad, which ran in Newsweek magazine, compares their new SUV to endangered arctic species," the public interest group CorpWatch writes. "Never mind that SUVs produce carbon emissions that contribute to the global warming that's melting polar ice floes like the one pictured in their ad. And never mind that General Motors vehicles alone account for about 1.65% of the world's carbon emissions -- a significant amount for a single company. GM's publicists seem unfazed that most of the animals pictured in the ad are negatively impacted by climate change or that the arctic region is particularly vulnerable to global warming. They have the chutzpah to tell us their SUV is 'at home in almost any environment.' And that seems like a perfect reason to bestow them with a Greenwash Award."