MoveOn Organizing "Grassroots PR for Peace"

The media-savvy internet-based peace group MoveOn has rapidly built an impressive on-line membership of more than 600,000 citizens. Two weeks ago it garnered major national publicity with its "TV Daisy Advertisement" opposing a US attack on Iraq. Now MoveOn hopes to recruit many thousands of volunteers to "consider pledging a
over the next two weeks" in a "massive, coordinated, grassroots PR campaign -- one that can reach millions of people and ... make it impossible to ignore the anti-war
sentiment in this country -- you'll see signs in windows, bumper stickers
on cars, flyers on your doorstep, billboards along the streets, and ads and
letters in the newspaper. ... The Bush Administration has the bully pulpit of the presidency for its public relations work. We have the power of
coordinated grassroots action."