Shuttle Explodes But Media Still Ignores Nukes in Space

For years the US media has failed to report adequately on NASA's growing practice of launching radioactive materials into space. The explosive breakup of the shuttle Columbia is getting massive coverage, but the media is not drawing attention to two upcoming launches that will contain nuclear materials. The radio program Democracy Now! has been an exception to the blackout on nukes in space, reporting today that "the crash comes at time when the space agency is quickly pushing forward its controversial plans to increase the use of nuclear power in space flights. Experts warn that had the Columbia been powered by nuclear rockets, much of East Texas and the region would have to be evacuated due to radioactive contamination. Two weeks ago the Los Angeles Times reported that NASA is seeking 'significant resources and funding' to design a nuclear-powered propulsion system." Of course putting nukes in space has its lobbyists and cheerleaders such as Space.Com and Tech Central Station "where free markets meet technology," funded by corporations including ExxonMobil, AT&T, Nasdaq, Microsoft, and General Motors.