Fat Slick from KFC

Even Advertising Age can't stomach the latest commercials from KFC, which attempt to position the company's grease-dipped chicken as a healthier fast-food alternative. In an editorial, Ad Age says the ads are "as laughable, and damaging, as any imagined or recalled." A separate Ad Age news story notes the absurdity of attempting to make its products sound healthy by comparing a single piece of chicken to an entire Burger King Whopper, which "is considered one of the most fat- and calorie-laden burgers in the fast-food category, making it an easy comparison for KFC to beat." Ad Age columnist Bob Garfield weighs in as well, calling the new ads "desperate and sleazy ... How dare they? Fried chicken is not, never has been and never will be health food. On the contrary, it is a nearly perfect fat conveyance, a sort of poultry Jiffy Lube."