Newman's Own Boosts McDonald's

Faced with the nation's growing waistline and flat sales in recent years, fast-food restaurants are relying on new products and PR to help improve their image and their profit. "Mike Donahue, VP, US communications and customer satisfaction for McDonald's, notes that PR pioneered McDonald's integrated marketing push on its salads," PR Week writes. "The company aligned its salads with Paul Newman's Newman's Own brand of salad dressings, offering those dressings for its new product. Newman's Own is highly regarded in the world of natural and organic foods. The company donates its profits to charitable and educational causes, giving more than $150 million since 1982. 'We felt the social responsibility connection would be impactful,' says Donahue. McDonald's launched its salads in March with a New York press event featuring Newman. PR from that sent salad sales up 15% even before advertising started, Donahue says. 'There was real credibility with Newman,' he recalls."