Republican PR Man Promotes Iraqi Lawyer's Book

"Shirley and Banister Public Affairs has been selected to promote Harper Collins' Because Each Life is Precious, the account by Iraqi lawyer Mohammed Odeh al-Rehaief of Pfc. Jessica Lynch's capture and rescue during the Iraq invasion," O'Dwyer's PR Daily reports. Craig Shirley, president and CEO of Shirley & Banister is a long-time Republican PR man. PR Week writes, "As a communications consultant for the Republican National Committee in 1980, Shirley was sent around the country to media-train press secretaries in House and Senate races. Two of his trainees were now-departed Bush spokespeople Torie Clarke and Ari Fleischer."
In PR Watch 2nd Quarter 2001, we reported on Shirley's front group Disabled Americans for Death Tax Repeal, which ran full-page advertisements in the Wall Street Journal and Washington Times, urging Congress to abolish the federal estate tax. According to their website, Shirley & Banister's clients include the Heritage Foundation, McDonnell Douglas, the Manhattan Institute, National Rifle Association, the National Taxpayers Union, Nuclear Energy Institute, Washington Times Foundation among others.