The 9/11 President Launches His First TV Ad

President Bush's popularity skyrocketed after 9/11 as the country naturally rallied around its leadership. Bush announced that his war on terror would define his presidency and the 2004 Republican convention will be held in New York city as close as possible to the third anniversary of 9/11. Now, the New York Times reports that the Republican Party is launchiing "its first advertisement of the presidential race, portraying Mr. Bush as fighting terrorism while his potential challengers try to undermine him with their
sniping. The new commercial gives the first hint of the themes Mr.
Bush's campaign is likely to press in its early days. It
shows Mr. Bush, during the last State of the Union address,
warning of continued threats to the nation: 'Our war
against terror is a contest of will, in which perseverance
is power,' he says after the screen flashes the words,
'Some are now attacking the president for attacking the
terrorists.' "