Of Foxes and Guerrillas

Robert Greenwald employs "a 'guerrilla' method of documentary filmmaking, creating timely political films on short schedules and small budgets and then promoting and selling them ... through partnerships with grass-roots political organizations like MoveOn.org." His latest, "Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism," includes "interviews with former Fox employees, leaked policy memos ... and extensive footage from Fox News, which Greenwald is using without the network's permission." Greenwald worked with "a team of media volunteers ... who monitored Fox News 24 hours a day for months." While praising "Outfoxed," Don Hazen asks, "Do we run the danger of making Fox News appear more powerful than it is?" In any case, Fox News has gone ballistic over the film. If you want to see it, MoveOn is sponsoring screenings at theaters and house parties throughout the United States.