Perception Is King

Sir David King, the British government's chief scientific adviser, has been "aggressively targeted by American lobbyists trying to discredit his view that man-made pollution is behind global warming." King said, "You have a group of lobbyists, some of whom are chasing me around the planet. ... And these lobbyists stand up after I've given an hour's talk and say, 'There are scientists who disagree with you.' I always say, 'Which bit of science that I've just presented to you are you challenging?' I don't get an answer." Myron Ebell, of the Competitive Enterprise Institute and Cooler Heads Coalition, called King an "alarmist with ridiculous views who knows nothing about climate change."


ah, well we're not very surprised. Mutterings about King by the ExxonMobil-funded right wing anti-climate groups have been going on for some months now, as well as on Tony Blair. for the real deal on how many of those groups are funded by Exxon.