Praising the Golden CAFTA

"A fierce battle over the Central American Free Trade Agreement is expected," reported the Grand Forks Herald. "The agreement needs the approval of both houses of Congress. ... Bush administration officials launched a campaign in rural America to urge farmers to convince Congress to approve the CAFTA." Last month, Chief Agricultural Negotiator Allen Johnson "acknowledged that there is a 'perception' in Iowa and other farm states that trade agreements are not achieving the benefits that were expected." Yet the Agriculture Coalition for CAFTA-DR, comprised of "over 55 food and agricultural organizations committed to quick passage of CAFTA-DR," released an "economic impact study that identifies the gains 40 congressional districts could expect upon passage," reported The study is posted on the National Pork Producers Council website and promoted by the Business Coalition for U.S. - Central America Trade. According to Roll Call, "GOP lobbyists crammed into Room HC-5 of the Capitol last Thursday ... to show K Street that Senate and House Whips have coordinated their efforts - and that they continue to need lobbyists' help if they are to pass major items on the business agenda," including CAFTA.