Not Too Many Miers Admirers

Two new conservative campaigns are urging Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers to withdraw her name from consideration, or have President Bush withdraw it. is headed by direct-mail titan Richard Viguerie and supported by the American Conservative Union, National Review, Republican National Coalition For Life, Patrick Buchanan and Phyllis Schlafly, among others. A similar group, Americans for Better Justice, was created by David Frum and Linda Chavez to collect "signatures and money to campaign against Ms. Miers's confirmation." PR Week notes that the "discord among conservatives ... has resulted in lower spending in advertising and grassroots campaigns" in support of Miers. Progress for America "was the only group to purchase TV airtime in the first week after she was nominated." And the group spent less than 40 percent of what they spent "on TV ads in support of John Roberts in the first week following his nomination."