Swiss Freeze Biotech Rollout

Swiss citizens backed a five-year moratorium on commercial release of genetically modified plants and animals, despite opposition from their government and industry groups. Fifty-five percent of the voters backed the moratorium. The ballot initiative followed the collection of 100,000 signatures opposing a 2004 law approving commercial release of genetically engineered crops. "All the farmers' organisations were behind this proposal, which they see as a chance for Swiss agriculture," Daniel Ammann, a spokesman for the pro-moratorium coalition, told Reuters. Adrian Bebb, from Friends of the Earth, said the vote showed that "the public doesn't want to eat genetically modified food." Two of the companies opposing the moratorium were Swiss-based Syngenta and Nestle.


We, the voters of the U.S. SHOULD be able to do
the same! However, we are not seeing this
happening in our "free" country which is, through
sneaky means being methodically taken over by Big Chema, Big Agri, Big Pharma, Big Techno, and Big Business via Codex Alimentarious--international laws that will errode our health freedoms, making
our Constitution secondary to international laws
of Codex. For example the 350,000 emails sent to
Congress over a two week period did nothing to
thwart the ammendment which was sneakily added to the
2006 Agricultural Funding appropriations which
allows organic foods to be sprayed with
pesticides and then labeled ORGANIC by the USDA!