It's Easy Being Green (washed)

The New York Times notes that corporations including Ford, Exxon Mobil, BP, General Electric and Alcan "appear to be spending ever-bigger chunks of their advertising budgets to promote" what critics call greenwashing. New ad campaigns from WPP, Omnicom Group, and Interpublic Group tout corporate "environmental do-goodism." "Oil companies, under attack for reaping windfall profits from soaring fuel prices, are trying to position themselves as part of the solution to energy problems rather than the cause. Manufacturers of fuel-efficient automobiles, jet engines or other green products are recognizing that they can burnish their image even as they promote their products. And companies in all industries are trying to make socially conscious investors and customers comfortable about buying their products and shares."


It's amazing! With all these new "greenwashing" campaigns the FTC environmental marketing enforcement has dramatically decreased. At least that appears to be the case according to their enforcement website. In 1991 the FTC published environmental guidelines to help regulate environmental marketing claims. In the last seven years or so they have paid those guidelines little if any attention.