The Iraq Sell (and Activist Smear) Jobs Continue

President Bush at the U.S. Naval Academy on Nov. 30 (White House photo by Paul Morris)"After the White House's aggressive response to [Iraq] war critics led to higher poll numbers for the president, congressional Republicans ... are looking to fight their own aggressive campaign," reports The Hill. After returning from recess, Republicans plan "to amplify the stories of individual soldiers who still believe in their mission." (A recent survey of active-duty troops by the Military Times found decreasing support for both President Bush and the Iraq war, though military approval ratings for both remain higher than the general U.S. population's.) Senate Republican Conference Chair Rick Santorum is heading the PR push. Santorum said "letters from U.S. soldiers and their families" prompted him to launch the campaign. One such letter, from Sgt. Michael Sarro of the Pennsylvania National Guard, offered help for "the senator and the fight against anti-war activists."