The UK and US: Similar Fake News, Iraq Occupations

In 2002, the British government "launched a little-known television propaganda service that seems to mimic the U.S. government's deceptive approach to fake news," writes David Miller. British Satellite News (BSN) is produced by the company World Television, which "also makes corporate videos and fake news clips for corporations such as GlaxoSmithKline, BP and Nestle." BSN reports are sent to more than 400 stations worldwide and used regularly by 185 stations, including those in Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia and "14 of the 17 Middle East countries." Miller notes a "suggested intro" to one BNS piece that reads, "This year is not the first time an outside power has sought to construct a modern, democratic, liberal state in Iraq. Britain tried to do the same in the 1920s." Miller writes, "In reality the 1920 occupation led immediately to a popular revolt that was ruthlessly suppressed. A puppet monarchy was imposed, which was neither 'modern' nor 'democratic.'"