Pick McMe!

Venus Williams with Wimbledon trophy, 2001Celebrity spokesmodels are out, and burger-munching everypeople are in under the golden arches. By visiting McDonald's Global Casting Call website, fast food lovers from anywhere in the world can submit a photo and short essay in any of 16 languages. The competition will undoubtedly be fierce, with applicants being judged on the written and visual submissions that best capture the "I'm lovin' it" spirit with themes of "inspiration, passion and fun." It's a cheap ad campaign for McDonald's. Winners will be flown, with a friend, to London for a photo shoot, and will be housed and fed at the expense of McDonald's, but no mention is made of actual pay. Being featured on McDonald's packaging will have to be reward enough. Venus Williams would probably say that it is. She is quoted in a McDonald's press release as saying "Even though I've won major tennis tournaments, been on television, radio and numerous magazine covers, seeing my picture on McDonald's packaging was one of the coolest and most exciting moments of my life -- I literally beamed when I saw it."