Open Letter to ABC

A group of activists has launched an Open Letter to ABC and its parent company, Disney, challenging the network's right-wing bias and factual distortions in its upcoming docudrama, "The Path to 9/11." The open letter includes information about Disney's history of caving to the right, the right-wing only marketing campaign used to promote the film, and rebuttals of its fabrications. The New York Times and Editor and Publisher magazine are also reporting on the controversy around the film.


Was this ABC/Disney vehicle for unemployed actors really such a secret that you folks with all of your resources actually didn't know anything about it?

In other words, were you truly blindsided by this?

If so, then you know as well as anybody that there is no way to counter the fantasies that you are complaining about, except with your own.

So, you had better get cracking.

The election is just around the corner.

It's show time!

How about a flick about neocon foreign policy architects, Wolfowitz or Perle...or even Mr. Giuliani when he split his command & control on September 11th...or how about a movie about when Iraq became a U.S. client state for the Carter administration in 1979 (and continued to be one through the Reagan & Bush years until 1990)...or how the backroom boys decided that the U.S. would be better off running its own oil-rich client state instead of continuing to allow Saddam al-Tikriti Hussein to do it? Have you got the guts to do this...and the unemployed actors? It sounds like great election-eve entertainment to me!

Only 50% of the U.S. electorate (those of eligible voting age) bothers to vote. The U.S. electorate totals about 75% of the U.S. population, i.e., 225 million of 300 million Americans.

Unfortunate but true: In the eyes of the roughly 25% of the right end of the U.S. electorate who have been electing presidents and congressional majorities in the last few years...truth doesn't matter so much as entertainment and fear.

So, you had better stop trying to confuse the 25% of the right end with facts, denials & rebuttals (by so called principals).

You're wasting your breath.

Just ask Ann Richards, John McCain and John Kerry.

Messrs: Clarke, Berger, Ben-Veniste and especially Ms. Albright aren't children and ought to know better how to handle these Rove-like tactics by now. They aren't shrinking violets when they don't want to be...especially when those of these four are out selling books of personal redemption.

A better use of your time: Registering the other 25% of the left end of the U.S. electorate who don't vote, and persuading them that truth does matter more than fantasy. If you spent your time and resources doing that, 75% of the U.S. electorate would be voting this November, 2/3 of them for truth, justice and the American way.

Go for it!