Energy Economics 101 for Nuclear Industry's Patrick Moore

In an interview with the Toronto Star, veteran energy policy analyst Amory Lovins said that he had spoken with former Greenpeace co-founder turned nuclear power promoter Patrick Moore and concluded that "he's not well informed about energy alternatives." Earlier this year, the Nuclear Energy Institute established a front group, the Clean and Safe Energy Coaltion, with Moore as its co-chair. The group promotes nuclear power as a "solution" to global warming. Lovins referred to his recent Nuclear Energy International article, which showed that "if you spent 10 cents (U.S.) to make and deliver a new nuclear kilowatt-hour ... you can displace 1 kilowatt-hour of coal power. That's what Patrick is talking about. ... If you spend the same 10 cents (U.S.) instead on micropower or efficient use, you get two to 10 times as much coal displacement for the same money, because those options are cheaper -- you get more per dollar. They're also faster, so you get more carbon displacement, coal displacement, per year."