Armstrong Williams for Air America?

Air America Radio, the progressive talk radio network which recently filed for bankruptcy, is considering syndicating a radio show co-hosted by Armstrong Williams. Williams co-hosts a morning drive-time program with Sam Greenfield on the New York radio station WWRL. The Hill reports that Air America has negotiated to switch from its current broadcaster WLIB to WWRL and that, as part of the deal, WWRL "wants the Williams/Greenfield show syndicated on Air America radio." WWRL Program Director Rennie Bishop declined to comment but, when asked when he could comment, said "call me after the elections." Williams was at the center of controversy over a $240,000 sub-contract with the PR company Ketchum to promote the U.S. Department of Education's No Child Left Behind Act. Williams recently agreed to pay $34,000 to settle a Department of Justice investigation into possible breaches of his contract. Williams is also the CEO of the PR company, the Graham Williams Group.