Good reviews for SourceWatch/Congresspedia

Two recent reviews of SourceWatch/Congresspedia on the Web this week:

  • A very complimentary and in-depth review by Shirl Kennedy of Resource Shelf, which was founded by research librarian extraordinaire Gary Price. Kennedy calls Congresspedia "a truly unique, helpful and informative website" that provides " 'one-stop shopping'... for information about your elected representatives." Kennedy and Price are particularly fans of the oversight by our professional editors, who work to root out the bias, rhetoric and inaccuracies in the articles. (Read more.) Which brings us to...
  • A story on PBS's Media Shift by Mark Glaser on wikis. Glaser discusses the "Wikipedia phenomenon" and its "controversial" model of having an unsupervised community write its articles. He contrasts this with SourceWatch/Congresspedia and its paid editors.

We're all big fans of Wikipedia but also think Kennedy and Price are on to something with the idea that wikis devoted to tackling controversial political topics can benefit from having a professional arbiter who can keep an eye on things.