Fake News Increasingly Posted Online

Video news releases (VNRs) aren't just for television anymore. "Hurt by public criticism of VNRs, possible Federal Communications Commission oversight, and a shrunken news hole," broadcast PR firms "are looking for ways to survive -- and making the Internet a bigger part of their offerings could be the answer," writes PR Week. "We have to utilize different tools to reach consumers on multiple platforms," explained MultiVu's Beverley Yehuda. "Podcasting is becoming perhaps a greater-use element of [VNRs] than broadcasting," according to Jack Trammell of VNR-1 Communications. "Broadcast is about reaching a massive audience," while websites allow "meaningful interactions" with thousands of people, explained Medialink Worldwide's Larry Thomas. VNRs and B-roll videos are being posted to video-sharing sites like YouTube, company websites, and news outlets' websites. "There is more usage of video by news organizations than ever before, whether broadcast or online," said The NewsMarket's Shoba Purushothaman, adding that "newspaper Web sites are hungry for video content."